Setup analytics, search console, and sitemap



I will setup Google Analytics and Search Console (Webmaster Tools) + installed Sitemap (XML), robots.txt.
The best free advanced tools for analyzing and monitoring your traffic are Google Analytics and Search Console, and these are the tools you need to fix any errors on your website. 

> I can offer you the following services:

Setup Robots.txt.
Setup Ecommerce Tracking.
Setting Up Google Analytics & Search Console.
Integrating both Search Console & Analytics account.
Generating an XML sitemap and submitting it in Webmaster Tools.
> Features of Analytics and Webmaster Tools:
Index Status.
Traffic Sources.
Errors or Bad Links.
No of Users visited your site.
Detailed Statistics for tracking the traffic. 

> I need the following things to get started:
Your mail Account ID.
Your Website Admin/cPanel/FTP details.


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