Web analytic auditor to optimize websites




Modern SEO is nothing more than taking decisions depending on web analytics  and word distribution of each web pages and Modifying your web pages depending on the data collected.

Our Service

  • python script is used based on stemer algorithm and observe each and every corner of your site pages.After extracting  all the necessary information from source of each URL  we  remove the common words of the English alphabet by maintaining all the common words in a file and use the stemmer provided by Python script.


  • Our python script  will  assign weights for each keyword according to the relevance of the keyword it appears in the source of the URL.


  • Final output will be submitted as text file which contains whole keyword list of each URL provided with their associated weights in descending order


  • Analyzing content quality


  • Comparison of keywords with similar genre highly profit generated site


  • Optimizing textual page elements


  • Google analytics reviewing and prediction


  • Google Search Console integration


  • Revenue pattern Analysis against SEO

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